AT-900C: Music Atelier
On Stage or in Home, Enjoy Top Quality in a Modern and Portable Form

Embodying Rolandís world-leading digital technology, the Music Atelier organ inherits the full, rich sound and elegant design of a traditional organ combined with the most expressive and advanced home-organ features. For all who love the organ, we proudly present the magic of Music Atelier. Itís gorgeous and stately, yet the AT-900C is portable enough be taken on the road. The contemporary, streamlined cabinet design combines a natural wood finish with eye-catching silver accents. Specially equipped XLR outputs facilitate professional setups for concert performances.

  • Light-weight designed ATELIER organ for portability with top-end quality
  • Perfect Organ, Symphonic, and Orchestral sounds
  • Physical Harmonic Bars provide authentic, hands-on control
  • Acoustic-instrument expression with SuperNATURALô technology
  • Easy-to-use control panel based on traditional organ-playing principles
  • Large color LCD monitor with touch screen function
  • D BEAM controled by moving your hand over the invisible beam
  • Rhythm function that automatically adds ultra-realistic accompaniment
  • The USB host port supports USB memory key and FD-01A USB FDD
  • Playing back VIMA TUNES with optional CD Drive
  • 25 key wooden PK-25A or 20 key wooden PK-7A external pedalboards
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